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From an early age I was used to appreciating art. My father's house has always been a place who painters and sculptors attended; it is natural to be passionate about something when you breathe it continuously. Growing up, the work led me to take care of good food and above all cheese, a product rich in history. The ancient art of making cheese, therefore, for me could only marry with the art form for excellence: the painting. From this idea and from friendship gained over the years with a group of artists among the most important of contemporary painting, all related to Tuscany, by birth or by 'adoption', my dream came true: Forme d'Arte, a small production of particular cheeses, unique for taste and image. After almost 20 years of tastings and presentations of my cheeses in the vernissages of the painting exhibitions of the artist friends, I decided to do something that would pay homage to all that they allowed me to do in these years, that would talk about them and their work artistic. I met Fabio Calvetti, a longtime and trusted friend, and the project was born: 'flock of art's work' to be carried around the world. At this point we needed only one important curator who was sensitive to the this theme and was professionally prepared to take the idea forward and transform it into reality. When I asked Filippo Lotti to be the 'shepherd' of my flock, his enthusiasm was explosive and overwhelmed me. He chose and contacted other artists in addition to those already at home in Forme d'Arte, he explained the project and enriched it even more by involving photographers who have interpreted the artworks and then painters adhering to this idea. Now... the 'flock' is ready !!! And before starting this transhumance I can only give thanks to all the artists and a special thanks to Filippo for the commitment and professionalism that he put in this original initiative.

Paolo Piacenti
Forme d'Arte

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Nel cuore della Toscana i punti vendita diretti

Cacioteca Forme d'Arte

via S. Matteo 66
San Gimignano, Siena

La Salsamenteria

via S. Matteo 11
San Gimignano, Siena

Cacioteca Forme d'Arte

Via S. Paolino

Cacioteca Forme d'Arte

Via Ferruccio 49
Castellina in Chianti, Siena

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Forme d'Arte Formaggi
Via S. Matteo, 66
53037 San Gimignano (SI)


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